Solo Saxophone Serenades

7pm December 3 – Chapel Performance Space, 4th floor of the Good Shepherd Center,  4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle ($5-15 suggested donation) The Wayward Music Series presents a show of memoir and solo saxophone improvisations. I plan to perform on soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and share stories of my evolving relationship to music.

Indigenous Storywork

Indigenous Storywork by  Jo-ann “Q’um Q’um Xiiem” Archibald is helping to evolve my perspective and focus the content of Listen to Seattle. Yesterday I sat down and wrote songs based on the perspective of respect and reciprocity.

Location for Sound in Stone Premiere

The Northwest Courtyard at Safeco Plaza may be the site of the premiere for Sound in Stone. The location features 4 benches by James Washington and 2 fountains (not working) by George Tsutakawa. I’m working with the property manager to schedule the event.

4Culture Supports Panama Hotel Jazz Performance Extension

Contrary to the growing stack of grant rejections, 4Culture will fund the Panama Hotel Jazz Performance Extension. This provides matching funds for the National Park Service grant that supports monthly performances at the the Panama Hotel and other regional locations. My deepest gratitude to 4Culture for commissioning this piece and their ongoing support! This allows Read more about 4Culture Supports Panama Hotel Jazz Performance Extension[…]